Sunday, 16 February 2014

Happy customers

It's such a lovely feeling to finish a commission and be happy with the results. However there's nothing that makes me more anxious than the moments before I hand a painting or piece of jewellery over to my customer. You want them to be delighted, but you hope that they'd say if something wasn't right. I find it really stressful. It's only a split second before you find out, one way or another, and then ... relief! Ahhhhhh!
This week has seen me successfully deliver a number of commissions and work hard on a few new ones.

This is one of my favourites. The challenge was to make a fingerprint heart to sit on a chain with an existing pendant. The heart had to include the fingerprints of three grown up children. 
I used my newly acquired photoshop skills and my new photopolymer machine to help transfer the prints to silver and with a little engineering help from my friend Clare I managed to fit the two pieces together so they sit perfectly.
The result is a completely unique piece of jewellery and I couldn't be happier.
I may even make it available to commission on Etsy. It's such a nice idea to have your children's prints but also would be great for a bride and groom or an anniversary pressy. Possibilities are endless.
This is what it looks like on it's own:

I was also really happy to deliver a really great dog tag style finger print pendant and a painting of Instow to a very patient friend. I can't show you these as they are pressy's and I don't want to accidentally ruin any surprises.
Hope you all enjoy a relaxing half term! xxx

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