Thursday, 26 March 2015

Time flies...again!

How is it possible that it's nearly the end of March?
Sorry for not blogging sooner, but it's been very busy here with lots of good stuff.
My resolution to do more painting has failed miserably but I have been much more successful with my jewellery and my new love, printmaking.
Here are some of my first attempts:

Lino-print Robins

Mono-print Avocet

Etching of Ophelia

I think I love etching the best. There is something extremely satisfying about turning the handle of a printing press and then uncovering your finished print. Just brilliant.
The course has been amazing. Under the careful tutoring of Liam Biswell I've been introduced to all sorts of printing techniques and it's been so fabulous to be surrounded by so many creative and talented people. The whole experience has been a joy.

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